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Image courtesy of Farncombe Estate

National Hospitality Day took place on Friday 29th September 2023

We were ecstatic to see so many operators across the UK join in on National Hospitality Day 2023. Customers flocked to their local venues and happily added tip donations, bought invisible and special menu items, entered raffles and more to show their support.

Thank you so much to all those who participated this year, you have made a real difference to the hospitality community.
We will be back for National Hospitality Day once again in 2024.

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Why should I get involved?

Be part of the Movement

In return you’ll be part of the movement – featured on our website, social media and PR campaign.

Increase footfall

Your involvement will create footfall, revenue and community engagement with your business.

Improve Staff Wellbeing

You’ll engage your team, showcase your business to potential recruits, and can use the day to improve employee wellbeing.

Help Fundraise for Charity

You’ll be doing your bit to fundraise for our sector’s main charities and fly the flag for our amazing industry.

How do I get involved?

National Hospitality Day is your chance to showcase your business. Bring your customers & local community in to celebrate and support you, through a day of fun and celebration.
Keep it simple and choose a fundraising mechanic that works for your business and your team.

Some fundraising ideas to help get you started

Pay it Forward

Offer guests a freebie, whether that’s a starter, a free drink, signature cocktail or a sharing dish.

In return for your generosity ask your customers to donate the equivalent value either by adding to the bill as a non-food item (we can help with this) or by asking guests to scan a QR code – (we can help with this too!)

Host an Event

It can be as big or small as you like, a barbecue in the garden, special lunch service, or a bottomless brunch. Donate the proceeds to the campaign.

Ask the team to swap roles for the night, putting the bar staff behind the stoves, and setting the kitchen team loose front of house.

Special Dishes

£1 on a pizza, 10p on a pint, £20 for a hotel room upgrade.

You can promote your current offers or signature dishes by donating a portion of the proceeds to the campaign.

Match Fund

If you’re a big operation you could match your teams’ fundraising and provide incentives to the most innovative and effective fundraisers.

A bit of healthy inter-site competition is good for business and it’s a great way to reward high performers. We can help you set up and even provide QR codes so each outlet can track their fundraising.

Involve the Team

Throw a team party, staff awards, family fun day, or support another local operator after work.

You could even host a recruitment event to showcase your business to the local community.

Supplier Collaboration

Ask your suppliers to help. Your drinks or food suppliers may be able to donate product to support your fundraising – and encourage your business contacts and their families to enjoy the fun.

So much more!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ve got loads more ideas, get in touch for a chat.

Media Pack

Every year we put together a media pack that makes it easier than ever to get involved.
Pop up a poster, share a post on your socials and spread the word!

Media pack will return for National Hospitality Day 2024.

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